Newsletter 42

Next week, the FLF will be welcoming ten publishers from all around the world, submerging them in our vibrant children's and youth literature. It’s already the fifth publishers tour for that genre, and a very successful way to convince foreign publishers of the quality of our literature. For the occasion, a third edition of the FLF’s brochure ‘Bookshelf Essentials’ is ready, presenting thirty-three titles that showcase the diversity of Flemish storytelling.

Exciting times: our FMB16 team is preparing an impressive guest of honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. But they are not alone: German publishing house mairisch stays in Amsterdam this month to explore Dutch and Flemish literature and culture.

As usual, we introduce the two literary translators who are currently working in our Translators’ House. Furthermore, translator Christiane Burkhardt reports on her visit at the end of 2015.

Fifth Publishers' Tour for Children's and Youth Literature
From 22 to 26 February, the Flemish literature fund (FLF) will be welcoming ten publishers from all around the world, submerging them in our vibrant children's and youth literature. They will be introduced to publishers, illustrators and authors and discover our flourishing (literary) culture in ...
22 children's and youth bookshelf essentials from Flanders
In the third edition of 'Bookshelf Essentials’, the FLF zooms in on children's and youth books from Flanders. In the two previous editions, we introduced 'classic classics' and 'contemporary ...
Who speaks what where?
In an interview, our colleague Michiel Scharpé explains to the German publishing house mairisch what Dutch and Flemish and Belgian and Walloon are. Mairisch wants to be well-prepared for the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, when the Netherlands and Flanders are guest of ...
French publishers invite Flemish graphic novelists to Angoulême
A striking number of Flemish graphic novelists attended the Angoulême International Comics Festival, which took place from 28 to 31 January, at the invitation of their French publishers. Amongst others Ben Gijsemans, Olivier Schrauwen, Simon Spruyt, Brecht Evens, Pieter De Poortere and Nix ...
'Now I can truly say: I really like Belgium!'
At the end of 2015, Christiane Burkhardt spent a month in the Antwerp Translators' House, working on the German translations of Wytske Versteeg's 'Boy' and 'Made in Europe', by Pieter Steinz. This is her report on a successful ...
In February in the Translators' House: Minya Lin and Rolf Erdorf
In February, Minya Lin and Rolf Erdorf are staying in the Translators’ ...
  The Flemish Literature Fund, an autonomous governmental institution, has been active since 2000 to promote Flemish literature in Belgium and abroad. The principal instruments of its foreign policy are information, documentation and grants (for translation, travel and production).
  Upcoming events
01/01Peter Verhelst and David Colmer in Londen
01/01Peter Vermeersch invited by the Fabula Festival
01/01Lieve Joris invited by Bookworm Literary Festival
01/01Peter Terrin in Italy
01/01Tom Van de Voorde in Sweden
01/01Els Beerten invited by 'Journée des livres en V.O.: la Belgique'
01/01Tom Schamp invited by 'Journée des livres en V.O.: la Belgique'
01/01Brecht Vandenbroucke invited by Fumetto - International Comix Festival
01/01Els Beerten invited by Auf zur Buchmesse 2016!