Newsletter 12

It is hard not to come across a Flemish writer or illustrator these days as one travels throughout Europe. At the end of August, a number of young Flemish poets will appear at the 'Flachlandfest' in Germany, along with some musicians and actors. Illustrator Carll Cneut will travel throughout the UK to convince children of the importance of 'stories around the world'. And novelist Anne Provoost will promote the Polish translation of a recent novel in a tour through that country. Enjoy!

Illustrator Carll Cneut inspires British children
Carll Cneut, one of the most successful illustrators in Flanders, is an important guest at The Children's Bookshow, an annual tour of children's authors and illustrators through the UK. Cneut is one of twelve artists who want to inspire school children with their passion for 'Stories from around ...
Anne Provoost on tour in Poland
The Polish publishing house EZOP will present a translation of Anne Provoost's novel 'De arkvaarders' (2001, 'In the shadow of the ark') on October 15, 2010. To promote this title, the successful Flemish author will do a tour of Poland from October 25 to November ...
Flemish poets at 'Flachlandfest' in Berlin
From August 27 to August 29, the German poetry lover will welcome a number of young Flemish and Dutch poets at the arts party 'Flachlandfest'. There will also be Flemish musicians present, Mintzkov and The Bony King of Nowhere for ...
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