Newsletter 11

In this newsletter we look back at a so far very busy and successful month of June. From 31 May to 4 June, the FLF received nine prominent foreign publishers of literary fiction and poetry for a publishers tour in Flanders' literary fields. The following weekend, on 5 and 6 June, the FLF presented a new spin-off expo of 'Ceci n'est pas la BD flamande', during the Haarlem Comics festival. A full report and pictures bear witness to both events. On 14 and 15 June, the FLF co-organized a translation workshop around Hadewijch and translations into French, German and Spanish have been announced.


In the comics, children's books and youth literature categories, Flemish talent has been rewarded: Brecht Evens is the first winner of the Willy Vandersteen Award, Pieter Gaudesaboos received one of the Plantin Moretus prizes and Dutch Griffel and Penseel prizes were awarded to Gerda Dendooven, Carll Cneut and Geert Vervaeke.


Thanks to the American translation of his novel 'De verwondering' ('Wonder'), Hugo Claus is once again in the media.


Recently translated 
On the agenda: 'Poesie der Nachbarn' in Edenkoben/Mainz
In the media: 'Wonder' by Hugo Claus

Third publishers tour in Flanders
Foreign guests FLF captivated by Flemish novels From 31 May to 3 June 2010, the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) guided nine important foreign publishers from seven different countries through Flanders' literary fields. During this publishers tour, the publishers met with top authors, publishers and ...
International readership for Hadewijch
On 14 and 15 June, a translation workshop about thirteenth-century poet Hadewijch took place in Antwerp. Six translators of the Brabant mystic travelled in from Germany, France, Hungary and Spain to tackle her work during two days. Hadewijch is not unknown outside the Dutch-language territory. In ...
New Flemish comics exhibition ready to travel the world
On 5 and 6 June, the Flemish Literature Fund presented a spin-off of the expo 'Ceci n'est pas la BD flamande' during the Stripdagen Haarlem, the renowned international comics festival in the Dutch city of Haarlem. This comics exhibition had its premiere at the International Comics Festival in ...
Brecht Evens wins first Willy Vandersteen Award
During the opening ceremony of Stripdagen Haarlem, the renowned international comics festival in the Dutch city of Haarlem, Flemish comics artist Brecht Evens received the very first Willy Vandersteen Award for his graphic novel 'Ergens waar je niet wil zijn' (The wrong place). This new prestigious ...
Pieter Gaudesaboos wins Plantin Moretus Readers' Choice Award
The yearly Plantin Moretus Prizes award the best designed books in several categories. Flemish illustrator and graphic designer Pieter Gaudesaboos received the readers' choice award for his cover design of 'Het boek van Mannetje Koek' (Mister Cookie's ...
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