In April in the Translators' House: Jonathan Reeder and Slawomir Paszkiet

In April, Jonathan Reeder and Slawomir Paszkiet are staying in the Translators’ House.

Vertalershuis_Oostenstraat.jpgJonathan Reeder is literary translator into English. In the Translators' House, he is working on the English translation of 'De Laatste Dichters' by Christine Otten. Previously, he translated amongst others work by Peter Buwalda 'Bonita Avenue' and A.F.TH. van der Heijden 'Tonio'. 


Slawomir Paszkiet is literary translator into Polish. In the Translators' House, he will be working on the Polish translation of a selection of poems by Stefan Hertmans. Previously, he translated amongst others work by Dimitri Verhulst 'Problemski Hotel' and Judith Vanistendael 'Toen David zijn stem verloor'. 

published on: 2016-04-08

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