Who speaks what where?

In an interview, our colleague Michiel Scharpé explains to the German publishing house mairisch what Dutch and Flemish and Belgian and Walloon are. Mairisch wants to be well-prepared for the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, when the Netherlands and Flanders are guest of honour.


This month, the entire team of the Hamburg-based publishing house mairisch works in Amsterdam. They want to familiarise themselves with the particular aspects of the current literary climate: What are the major themes? Who are the important authors? Which publishers and magazines are exhibiting the literary trends and could be of interest to German readers?


On mairisch’ blog are interviews with amongst others author Lize Spit and with Bart Moeyaert, artistic director of the guest of honour project. He gives a sneak peek of what visitors might expect in October.


In an interview with Michiel Scharpé, who promotes literature from Flanders abroad, mairisch tries to understand what the differences and similarities are between the Netherlands and Flanders, specifically regarding the language we speak and write.


> Read the interview with Bart Moeyaert (in German) …

> Read the interview with Michiel Scharpé (in German) …

published on: 2016-02-19

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