22 children's and youth bookshelf essentials from Flanders

In the third edition of 'Bookshelf Essentials’, the FLF zooms in on children's and youth books from Flanders. In the two previous editions, we introduced 'classic classics' and 'contemporary classics'.


Flanders may be a small region, but when it comes to literature, we have every right to pat ourselves on the back: we belong with the big boys. And that includes literature for little children and older ones too. With an artistic tradition that goes back hundreds of years, which they constantly renew and reinterpret in their own style, Flemish illustrators are absolute world leaders in their field. And with their great precision, their powers of suggestion, their sense of humour and their ability to create complex characters, Flemish authors are no less skilled.


In this brochure, we are pleased to present to you twenty-two names to remember. Not a top ten, but eleven illustrators and eleven authors. We simply have far too much talent in Flanders to restrict ourselves to neat, round numbers. In total, that adds up to thirty-three bookshelf essentials: thirty-three titles that showcase the diversity of Flemish storytelling, each in its own way, but each one equally special.


From stories that have won many awards and been translated into a long list of languages to small gems that are still waiting to be discovered by treasure hunters from all over the world. Welcome to Flanders – and to our world of imagination.


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published on: 2016-02-19

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