In October in the Translators' House: Christiane Burkhardt and Per Holmer

In October, Christiane Burkhardt and Per Holmer are staying in the Translators’ House.


Christiane Burkhardt is literary translator in German. For the moment, she is working on the German translation of 'Boy' by Wytske Versteeg. Previously, she translated amongst others novels by Lodewijk van Oord, Lieneke Dijkzeul and Marion Pauw. 


Per Holmer is literary translator in Swedish. In the Translators' House, he is working on the Swedish translation of 'De omweg' by Gerbrand Bakker and 'Liefde en aarde' by Tom Van de Voorde. Previously, he translated amongst others work by Louis Paul Boon, Hugo Claus and Willem Elsschot. 

published on: 2015-09-30

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