Hedda Vormeland on shortlist Bastian Prize 2015

Hedda Vormeland, literary translator Dutch-Norwegian, is one of the four nominees for the Bastian Prize. The Norwegian Association of Literary Translators selected her translation of Stefan Hertmans’ ‘War and Turpentine’ as one of the best of the year. 


‘War and Turpentine’ tells the story of author Stefan Hertmans’ grandfather’s life from the time he was a young man at the beginning of the twentieth century, over his traumatic war experiences as a soldier during WW I, to, finally, his introverted artistic life as a painter afterwards. The Bastian Prize jury praises Vormeland for transforming ‘a rich and complex story into simple and fluent Norwegian’. Previously, Vormeland translated work of amongst others Dimitri Verhulst, Herman Koch and Ida Simons.


‘War and Turpentine’, in Norway published by Pax Forlag, is an international success, receiving many awards at home and abroad. In Flanders and the Netherlands, it is a bestseller, with 200.000 copies sold until now. The foreign rights have been sold to more than 15 countries.



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published on: 2015-09-11

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