Recent translations of illustrated books

This week, the Flemish Literature Fund received book parcels from all over the world with translations of books illustrated by Flemish artists. These titles received a grant for illustrated books, that stimulates foreign publishers to translate high quality picture books and graphic novels.


From Russia to China and New Zealand: Flemish picture books and graphic novels are most wanted in the international publishers world. The number of grants awarded increases every year, as well as the number of different languagues in which the books appear.


The Flemish Literature Fund's team is always very keen when an international book parcel arrives. This week we were spoiled with these beautiful books: 


  • Brecht Evens Panthère (Panter), translated into French by Thomas Gabison en Brecht Evens (Actes Sud BD, Paris)
  • Ingrid Godon & Toon Tellegen Ich denke (Ik denk), translated into German by Birgit Erdmann (Mixtvision, Munich)
  • Ingrid Godon (Is het nog ver?), translated into Chinese by Zhao Bo (Liaoning Children Publishing House, Liaoning)
  • Tom Schamp (Otto in de stad), translated into Russian by Anna Shakhova (Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Moscow)
  • Leo Timmers Franky (Franky), translated into English by Bill Nagelkerke (Gecko Press, Wellington)


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published on: 2015-06-26

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