Mark Schaevers' nonfiction book wins prestigious prize

The Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) is delighted that Mark Schaevers has won the Gouden Boekenuil (Golden Book Owl) with ‘Orgelman’ (Organ Man, De Bezige Bij). Strikingly, the most prestigious literary prize in Flanders has been awarded for a nonfiction book. It is a wonderful recognition for a flourishing genre in Flemish literature.


Due to limited resources, Flemish literary policy is only devoting modest attention to nonfiction at the moment. Flanders has a strong stable of nonfiction authors and publishers, but their potential remains underexploited both at home and abroad.


Over the past few years, the FLF has therefore initiated a number of projects to lay the foundation for an international network of nonfiction publishers, and has been tentatively promoting Flemish nonfiction at international professional book fairs. Mark Schaevers' ‘Orgelman’ was one of the spearhead titles in 2014, for which a contract was swiftly concluded with a German publisher. The German translation will be published next year by Verlag Galiani Berlin, with support from the FLF.


The FLF is only supporting nonfiction in translation at the moment, and not in the creative and production process as is the case with other genres. Given the importance of nonfiction as a genre, the FLF feels it is time to solidify its nonfiction policy sustainably. The fund will also shortly be discussing the topic with the Flemish Minister of Culture and negotiating a new five-year service level agreement.


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published on: 2015-05-07

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