New voice: Fikry El Azzouzi

Flemish-Moroccan author Fikry El Azzouzi’s long-awaited second novel 'Drarrie in de nacht' (Drarrie in the Night) was published at the end of last year by Uitgeverij Vrijdag. The book describes the day-to-day life of four street kids in a small Flemish town. What begins as an entertaining picaresque novel slowly turns into a chilling story of radicalisation when one of the boys decides to leave Flanders to become a martyr.


'Drarrie in de nacht' has received plenty of attention, garnering nominations for the Golden Book Owl and the E. du Perron Prize, and El Azzouzi has just been awarded the 65th Ark Prize of the Free Word for 'Drarrie in de nacht' and for his play 'Reizen Jihad' (Jihad Travels). This special award, which has previously been won by such great authors as David Van Reybrouck and Stefan Hertmans, is traditionally given to a Flemish author who is notable for his or her individuality and boldness.

The jury was lavish in its praise: "With a deft pen and biting humour, Fikry El Azzouzi sketches a picture of a generation of young people who are looking for meaning and identity in our society. He opens up a world that is nearby, but unfortunately unknown to many."

Both for the narrative talent on display and for the recognisable theme, 'Drarrie in de nacht' is a novel that should also appeal to readers in other countries. The rights are represented by Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency, who already received an attractive proposal from Germany.

published on: 2015-03-26

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