Else Otten Übersetzerpreis for Bettina Bach and Rainer Kersten

German translators Bettina Bach and Rainer Kersten received the Else Otten Übersetzerpreis 2014 in Berlin earlier this week. The award, a joint initiative of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literature Fund, is presented to the best recent German translation of a Dutch work.


Bettina Bach receives the award for her translation of Arjan Visser’s 'Hotel Linda' (Der blaue Vogel kehrt zurück). Rainer Kersten is given the prize for his translation of 'De laatkomer' (Der Bibliothekar, der lieber dement war als zu Hause bei seiner Frau) by Dimitri Verhulst. Both authors were in Berlin for the award ceremony, and performed the day after in literature house Lettrétage.


The Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literature Fund organised a week full events for translators from Dutch into German, to warm them up for October 2016, when Flanders and the Netherlands are guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair.


The translators were invited to assist at literary translation workshops, to talk with German publishers and editors about Flemish and Dutch literary classics, and to listen to talks of a.o. Jean-Claude Lin (Verlag Freies Geistesleben) and Jan Konst (Freie Universität Berlin). Later this year another Dutch-German translation week takes place in München.


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published on: 2015-02-10

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