Pushkin Press launches Erwin Mortier in Canada and United States

Pushkin Press announces with pride the ‘first-ever appearance of Erwin Mortier’s work in the United States and Canada’, with an English translation by Paul Vincent of ‘While the Gods Were Sleeping’. In July 2014, the publisher already released this long-awaited English translation of Mortier’s award-winning magnum opus in the UK, providing a new introduction for English-language readers to this contemporary master of Flemish literature.


The British press heaped praise upon the book. ‘Almost too beautiful a writer… the footprint of Proust visible on every page’, wrote the Financial Times. The Independent calls the book a ‘beautiful unorthodox novel of the Great War’ and extols ‘Mortier’s sumptuous verbal gifts’. For Newbooks it is simply ‘one of the finest war stories ever written’.


Together with ‘While the Gods Were Sleeping’, Pushkin Press has reissued three of Erwin Mortier’s earlier novels: ‘Marcel’, ‘My Fellow Skin’ and ‘Shutterspeed’. Later follows ‘Stammered Song Book’, an autobiographical account about the author’s mother, who becomes a victim of Alzheimer's disease.


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published on: 2015-02-10

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