Two Flemish authors on longlist Libris Literature Prize

Peter Terrin and Ivo Victoria are on the longlist for the Libris Literature Prize, that was announced on 26 January. The jury selected eighteen nominees from almost 200 entries. Terrin is nominated with 'Monte Carlo', Victoria with 'Dieven van vuur' (Thieves of Passion).

'Monte Carlo', written by Peter Terrin, is an impeccable story, a gripping novel about belief, heroism and the desire to be recognised, against the background of the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the end of the sixties. Terrin is considered by critics to be a literary maverick and a masterful stylist. With 'Monte Carlo', he confirms his reputation as a master of ominous detail.


'Thieves of Passion' by Ivo Victoria is an inspired epos about the youthful years that we lose, the love we long for and the mistakes that shape our lives. Victoria has written a recognisable generation novel about nostalgia for the golden days, for the places, the people and the stories that are gone for good.


The Libris Literature Prize is awarded to the best original Dutch-language fiction book of the past year. The shortlist will be announced on 2 March, the winner on 11 May. The prize money totals 65,000 euro, of which 50,000 goes to the winning author.

published on: 2015-01-26

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