Spotlight on Flemish comics in Angoulême

The International Comics Festival of Angoulême, that takes place next week, spotlights the Flemish comic scene again. 'The Kinky & Cosy Experience', a combination of an installation, a comics exhibition and a magazine, promises to be a great success. ‘It’s not an exhibition, it’s an experience’, says comic book author Nix. A year and a half ago, the Flemish Literature Fund asked him to be the curator of a Flemish exhibition at the biggest comic festival of the world.


Nix was a logical choice: his Kinky & Cosy animation series recently aired on French television, and the second Kinky & Cosy collection has just been published by Le Lombard as a beautifully designed hardback. For ‘The Kinky & Cosy Experience’ the FLF worked in close collaboration with Nix’ French-language publishing house, that, just like the Angoulême festival itself, made a significant financial contribution.


‘The Kinky & Cosy Experience’ is a black box in which the visitor is locked for a short period of time. He is brainwashed and his proper upbringing is scientifically removed. Subsequently a new operating system is implanted – the Kinky and Cosy OS. To see its results, the visitor can extensively test his new pattern of thought in a training zone.


In a second part the visitor is introduced to the history of the magazine Kinky & Cosy, ‘the Flemish counterpart of Spirou’, said to celebrate its five-hundredth issue this January. The magazine, which is of course published for the first and only time, offers exciting comics for youngsters, stark raving mad jokes, adventurous stories and extremely challenging games. Twelve Flemish comic authors contributed to the magazine, that will be printed and distributed on the first day of the festival by newspaper Charente Libre, the print run being no less than 50,000 copies.


The FLF has been working to improve the visibility of the Flemish comic for years, both in Angoulême and the rest of the world, because it firmly believes in the literary value of the genre and the great talent in Flanders. This work has made a big difference for the international reputation of Flemish comic authors – from newcomers to established names. The key moment was Angoulême 2009, when Flanders was guest of honour. Since then, more than 80 translations of Flemish comics were published worldwide.


The Kinky & Cosy Experience

29 January-1 February, 10-19h

Musée d'Angoulême, rue Corneille, square Girard II


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published on: 2015-01-22

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