In February in the Translators' House: Ekaterina Astakhova, Sofie Maertens, Catalina Ginard en Marta Arguilé Bernal

In the first part of February Ekaterina Astakhova and Sofie Maertens are staying in the Translators' House. In the second part of February Catalina Ginard and Marta Arguilé Barnal are guests at the Translators' House.


Ekaterina Astakhova teaches Dutch Studies at the University of Saint-Petersburg. She is literary translator into Russian from Dutch and translated amongst others 'Het Boek Alfa' by Ivo Michiels and 'Het boek van alle dingen' by Guus Kuijer. In the Translators' House she will be working on her translation of ‘Lopen voor je leven' by Els Beerten. 


Sofie Maertens is literary translator Norwegian-Dutch. In the Translators' House she will be working on her translation of ‘Zomer’ by Karl Ove Knausgård. She translates this title along with her Norwegian-Dutch translation partner Maud Jenje. Previously she translated work by Erik Bertrand Larssen and Oliver Bottini.


Catalina Ginard is literary translator Spanish-Dutch. Previously she translated 'Suiker' by Hugo Claus, 'Een hart van steen' by Renate Dorrestein and 'De asielzoeker' by Arnon Grunberg. Marta Arguilé Barnal translated amongst others work by Dimitri Verhulst, Tom Schamp, Kader Abdolah, Arthur Japin and Herman Koch into Spanish. In the Translators' House Catalina and Marta will be working together on the translation of 'Het smelt' by Lize Spit.

published on: 2017-01-31

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