In December in the Translators' House: Daniel Cunin and Zandra Bezuidenhout

In December Daniel Cunin and Zandra Bezuidenhout are staying in the Translators' House.


Daniel Cunin is literary translator Dutch-French. Previously he translated novels by Stefan Brijs, Adriaan Van Dis and Bart Moeyaert, and comics by Willy Linthout and Simon Spruyt. In the Translators' House he will be working on his translation of 'Teloor, zalig' by Bart Vonck, announced to be published by éditions Le Cormier in 2017.


Zandra Bezuidenhout is Doctor in Modern African and Dutch literature. She translated amongst others 'Joe Speedboot' by Tommy Wieringa and poems by Anna Enquiqt. She was nominated for the translator price of SAVI, the South African Translators Institute, for her translation of 'Joe Speedboot'. Currently she translates 'Bonita Avenue' by Peter Buwalda.

published on: 2016-12-09

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