Translators' House

Vertalershuis Oostenstraat.JPGAs from January 1st 2013, the Flemish Literature Fund welcomes literary translators at the new Translators' House in Antwerp. The Translators' House offers the opportunity to work on a translation project, use the local city and university libraries and meet other translators, authors, publishers and native speakers.

The Translators' House is located in the dynamic Zurenborg quarter in Antwerp, at the border with the Berchem district and within walking distance of the Flemish Literature Fund office and Berchem train station. It consists of a two bedroom apartment with all amenities situated on the second floor of the imposing Oostkasteel residence. In the middle of a beautiful neighbourhood, known for its cosy squares and authentic mansions, the Translators' House forms an inspiring and unique location in which to work quietly and intently. The lively city center is easily accessible by public transport or city bike.


For more information or if you would like to apply, consult our webpage in Dutch.

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