About us

The Flemish Literature Fund (FLF), an autonomous government institution, employs an integrated literary policy to ensure a dynamic, diverse literary field in which authors and readers are central. Its aim is to facilitate a widely accessible literary landscape and ensure better visibility for Flemish literature at home and abroad. Quality, professionalism and diversity are the core values of everything the FLF does and everything it stands for.


The FLF highlights the works of Flemish authors and illustrators abroad, and supports their publication by means of translation grants, poetry grants and grants for illustrated books, that can be applied for by foreign publishers. The FLF also offers a travel grant for authors that are invited to promote their work abroad.


The FLF's foreign team actively promotes literature from Flanders (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children's and youth literature, drama and graphic novels) at international book fairs and important literature festivals. Its grants managers are present in Angoulême, Leipzig, Bologna, London, Göteborg, Frankfurt and Guadalajara.


The FLF works closely together with the Dutch Foundation for Literature in the Netherlands. Together, they manage a translations database which offers the best possible overview of translated Dutch-language literature, and a list of acknowlegded translators from Dutch. Every other year, both organisations award prizes to high-quality translations in English, French and German.


The FLF and the Dutch Foundation for Literature have joined forces with the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union) and the Centre of Expertise for Literary Translation in order to ensure a proactive, cross-border translation policy.

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