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Kinky & Cosy press and public’s favourite in Angoulême


Last week, the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) presented ‘The Kinky & Cosy Experience’ at the Angoulême international comics festival. The exhibition, a close cooperation with the publishing house Le Lombard and the Angoulême festival itself, made a striking impression amongst the more classic exhibits. The experience was hilarious from beginning to end, with spectacular technical tricks and the typical humour of the Flemish comic writer Nix, which pleased young and old. The exhibition was a favourite with not only the public but also the press.


Heritage Award for Herr Seele and Kamagurka

Cowboy Henk_FRMK.jpg

Cowboy Henk, brainchild of Flemish artists Kamagurka and Herr Seele, has won the prestigious ‘Prix de Patrimoine’ (Heritage Award) at the 41st Comic Book Festival of Angoulème.

Second edition of ‘Brussels in Shorts’


‘Brussels in Shorts’ is an international graphic short story competition, organized by Passa Porta for the second time.

Graphic novels by Maarten Vande Wiele in French translation at publishers Casterman


Publishers Oogachtend recently concluded a deal with the French publishing house Casterman to introduce two graphic novels by Maarten Vande Wiele, ‘Paris’ and ‘Monsieur Bermutier’, to the French market.

Herr Seele paints in Cézanne’s studio


In April, graphic artist Herr Seele, known for his comics character Cowboy Henk, will have the chance of a few days painting in the studio of painter Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), in Aix-en-Provence.

‘La Boîte à Gand’ Goes Down a Storm in Angoulême


From 31 January to 3 February, the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) was present at the international comic festival in Angoulême for the seventh time, promoting Flemish graphic novels. This year, the festival was celebrating its 40th edition, with a major overview exhibition on the work of Uderzo, the spiritual father of Asterix and Obelix, and withSouth Koreaas a guest country. But the real talk of the town was, without doubt, the exhibition ‘La Boîte à Gand,’ an FLF initiative, in collaboration with the Flemish Representation in Paris and Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT).

Flanders causes fireworks again in Angoulême


Flanders is planning to cause fireworks again during the international comic festival in Angoulême, which takes place between 30 January and 3 February. The Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) will be distributing the free magazine Bangarang and presenting the already much-discussed exhibition, La Boîte à Gand. Brecht Evens, the internationally acclaimed author of such works as, ‘Ergens waar je niet wil zijn’ [The Wrong Place] and ‘De liefhebbers’ [The Making Of], is the curator. He is introducing four compagnons de route, with whom he studied illustration at the Saint Lucas Art School in Ghent. A few months ago, Benoît Mouchart, Angoulême’s artistic director, came to Ghent especially to meet the five. ‘I can see now that it will be the most exceptional exhibition at Angoulême 2013,’ he said. And not only the festival itself but also the Flemish and French press are already showing enthusiasm.


Two nominations for graphic novelists

Nix Billy Bob.jpg

During 'bd Boum', the 29th Blois comics festival in France, the Association des Critiques et des journalistes de Bande Dessinée announced the shortlist of 5 graphic novels for the 'Grand Prix de la Critique 2013'. One of the nominated books is the French edition of Judith Vanistendael's 'When David Lost his Voice', translated by Hélène Robbe and published by Le Lombard.

‘La Boîte à Gand’ presents young talent in Angoulême

Poster La Boîte à Gand.jpg

The Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) presents 'La Boîte à Gand', an exhibition of young comic strip talents during the annual comic strip festival of Angoulême. The festival takes place from Thursday  31 January until Sunday 3 February 2013. Young comic artist Brecht Evens was invited to act as curator of this exhibition. He was given carte blanche and chose to set up a dialogue with comic artists of his own generation: Brecht Vandenbroucke, Lotte Vandewalle, Sarah Yu Zeebroek and Hannelore Van Dijck.

Plunk in China

Good Children Pictorial.jpg

Next year the wordless running gag Plunk will be published in the Chinese magazine for the young 'Good Children Pictorial'. This magazine is spread on a large scale in one of the northern provinces of China. The print run is 180,000 copies. Plunk will get a prominent place on the back cover.

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