Privacy policy

The FLF and your personal details

You can visit the Flemish Literary Fund (FLF) web pages without having to provide any personal details. In some cases, we or our partners do need certain information in order to provide a better service. When you are asked to provide us with such information (such as your name, address, e-mail), we first inform you of the way in which these details are used and then you are given the chance to agree or disagree. You can also request our public list of technical procedures.


The term "personal details" includes all information that enables or facilitates the identification of an individual. The FLF states and guarantees that it strictly meets all legislation regarding data protection and other applicable laws.

Information security and quality

It is our objective to guarantee the quality and integrity of your personal details, for which we have taken the required technical and organisational measures, such as encoding mails or personal details that are entered on our website.


The FLF carries out the changes you make to your personal details as quickly as possible.


Your help is of tremendous value to us, for example in order to ensure that change requests are returned to the sender address.

Used technologies (cookies, web beacons)

We occasionally collect information regarding visitors of our online services in order to improve our internet and other online services and to better respond to our customers' needs. This is done entirely anonymously so that identification is impossible.


We use so-called cookies in order to improve the quality of our service. Cookies are data stored by your browser that make it possible for us to treat you in a more personal way when you return to our website. If you do not want your browser to store these cookies, you can simply indicate this in the browser settings. Please read the user documentation of your browser.

Data security technologies

New technological developments give users more control over their personal details. If required by the nature of the data, the FLF will do its utmost to offer users acceptable options.

Child protection

The FLF website contains no or hardly any information for children. Minors must not enter any personal information on the FLF website without the permission of their parents or guardians. We would therefore invite parents and guardians to provide clear information to minors on using their personal details in a secure and responsible manner.

We strive to meet all laws and regulations in this respect. All detected infringements shall result in investigation and potential legal action by the FLF.

Legal provisions

No content guarantees

The FLF website contains links to websites that are administered by third parties. The FLF selects these websites as carefully as possible. Our organisation cannot be held liable for the content of these websites nor are we responsible for the conformity of the information provided by these third parties with respect to the applicable data security provisions.


All information on our website is closely verified by the FLF or our partners. Neither the FLF nor any third parties involved can guarantee that the information is correct, complete and up to date.


No consulting

The information on the FLF web pages is not meant to be used as individual consulting. For consulting services, please contact our employees in person or by telephone.

Use of web pages

The content and layout of the FLF web pages are secured intellectual property. Any form of reproduction must be approved by the FLF in advance.


Our policy on data security shall evolve with the internet itself. On this page we shall announce any changes to our security policy and the data security measures we take as soon as possible.

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