Terms of use

Welcome to our internet sites http://www.vfl.be and http://www.flemishliterature.be (hereafter referred to as: "the FLF website"). Please consider these conditions of use.

General policy

All use of the FLF website is subject to these terms of use. The Flemish Literary Fund
(FLF) retains the right to change these terms of use or to replace them at any time without any prior announcement. By logging into or by simply visiting or using the website, you accept the terms of use that are in force. Users access the FLF website at their own risk.

Availability of the FLF website

The FLF explicitly rejects any liability for the continuous availability of the website. The FLF is entitled to terminate the operation and/or maintenance of (part of) this website or restrict access to the site without any prior announcement.

Use, content and information of the FLF website

The information published by the FLF is free, unless stated otherwise. Every user can use and document the information that is offered for private purposes. Any other use of information, particularly in the form of duplication, modification or integration in publications or advertisements is permitted at the condition that the approval of the FLF or the information's rightful owner is obtained. The FLF emphasises that content and information may be protected under copyright. This copyright (particularly affecting the name and brand) shall always remain the property of the FLF. The FLF carefully gathers all information and subsequently publishes it at its own discretion. No changes are made to third-party information. Users should verify themselves whether the supplied information is correct, complete and/or up to date. The FLF's liability for any damage resulting from incorrect, incomplete or out of date information or damage resulting from users' incorrect interpretation of the supplied information is restricted to gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the FLF. When users visit or use the FLF website, they shall refrain from the following activities:


  • they shall not inflict any damage on individuals, in particularly minors, or violate their personal rights;
  • they shall not violate public morality by using this site;
  • they shall not violate any intellectual or other rights of ownership;
  • they shall not upload content that is contaminated with a virus, a so-called Trojanor any other damaging applications;
  • they shall not send, save or upload any hyperlinks or content unless they are authorised to do so, particularly when the hyperlinks or content violate the principle of confidentiality or are illegal;
  • they shall not post any adverts, unwanted e-mails (so-called "spam"), incorrect virus warnings, incorrect messages, etc. or participate in any lotteries, chain letters, pyramid or snowball schemes, etc.

The FLF cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the incorrect use of information supplied by site visitors.

Third-party links/content and information

The FLF website may contain links and references to third-party web pages. The FLF cannot be held liable for the content of these web pages. It does not comment on the content of these pages and does not present any of these web pages or their content as its own, for the FLF has no control of the information/content. The FLF can neither be held liable for the quality, accuracy or completeness of information provided by third parties that is explicitly labelled as "third-party information" on the FLF website, including information supplied by sales partners.

Downloading software

When the FLF offers software to download, the use of this software shall be subject to the licensing terms and conditions of the official suppliers or relevant manufacturers (licensing agreement). These terms and conditions are supplied with the software and/or are available from the software manufacturer/official supplier. As a general principle, the user is only able to install the software after accepting the applicable licensing terms and conditions. In general, the downloadable software is meant for private use or testing purposes only. Any other use shall be persecuted based on criminal and civil law. The imperative user rights remain intact within the specific scope of the law as applicable in a certain region. The FLF cannot be held liable for any damage directly or indirectly resulting from the use of downloaded data files.

Important message regarding computer viruses

Even though the FLF does its utmost to safeguard the FLF website from viruses, it cannot guarantee that its site is virus-free. It is in the users' own interest to take the required security measures and carry out a virus scan on all information, software and documentation before downloading anything.

Rules on the use of passwords and responsibility

Users are responsible for their password security and shall avoid any inappropriate use of the passwords they received to use the website. If users see that their passwords have unintentionally been passed on to unauthorised individuals and/or third parties or that their passwords are open to possible inappropriate use, they shall immediately inform the FLF, which shall then block the password in question. Despite these measures, the FLF cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from any inappropriate use of personal passwords, neither contractually nor legally nor according to legal theories that may be considered applicable, except when the inappropriate use is the consequence of malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of an FLF employee or third party working for the FLF. In addition, the FLF retains the right to cancel or restrict the password-protected zone by blocking its user data without any advance notification or justification.

Limited liability

The FLF cannot be held liable for damages such as the loss of profit, the cancellation or interruption of operations or the loss of data, except when this liability is required by law.

Jurisdiction/Applicable legislation

The FLF website is maintained and administered only for countries in which the FLF has an office. The FLF is not responsible for the suitability or availability of the information, software and/or documentation viewed and downloaded elsewhere. Users accessing the FLF website from other countries are responsible for respecting local legislation. The access to the information, software and/or documentation on the FLF website is explicitly prohibited in countries where this content is regarded as illegal. These terms of use are subject to Belgian law. Insofar as the parties can agree on a location of jurisdiction in disputes resulting from or related to these conditions of use, the competent court shall be that of Antwerp, Belgium.


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