News & Views London Book Fair Special 2015


Read our latest 'News & Views', published at the occasion of the London Book Fair (14-16 April).


Twenty ‘bookshelf essentials’ that will snap at your heels


In the second edition of ‘Bookshelf Essentials’, the FLF zooms in on contemporary classics, after the 'classic' classics we introduced before. 


In April in the Translators' House: Jonathan Reeder, Andy Brown and Boriana Katzarska


In April, Jonathan Reeder, Andy Brown and Boriana Katzarska are staying in the Translators' House.


F16 team complete and ready for Frankfurt 2016


The appointment of Judith Uyterlinde as coordinator of the literary programme and Sonja Peters for communication completes the team that is preparing the Flemish-Dutch presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016.

New voice: Fikry El Azzouzi


Flemish-Moroccan author Fikry El Azzouzi’s long-awaited second novel 'Drarrie in de nacht' (Drarrie in the Night) was published at the end of last year by Uitgeverij Vrijdag. The book describes the day-to-day life of four street kids in a small Flemish town. What begins as an entertaining picaresque novel slowly turns into a chilling story of radicalisation when one of the boys decides to leave Flanders to become a martyr.


Promoting Flemish literature in Bologna and London


The Flemish Literature Fund team is getting ready for the Bologna Book Fair (30 March to 2 April) and the London Book Fair (14 to 16 April).


‘Organ Man' by Mark Schaevers shortlisted for major award


Mark Schaevers has been nominated for the shortlist of the Golden Book Owl, the most important literary prize in Flanders. His nonfiction title 'Orgelman. Felix Nussbaum. Een schildersleven' (Organ Man. Felix Nussbaum. A Painter’s Life, originally published by De Bezige Bij) is the only title on the list by a writer from Flanders.


Four Dutch-language titles nominated for Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis


No less than four German translations of Dutch-language children’s books are nominated for the prestigious Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis.


Else Otten Übersetzerpreis for Bettina Bach and Rainer Kersten


German translators Bettina Bach and Rainer Kersten received the Else Otten Übersetzerpreis 2014 in Berlin earlier this week. The award, a joint initiative of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literature Fund, is presented to the best recent German translation of a Dutch work.


Pushkin Press launches Erwin Mortier in Canada and United States


Pushkin Press announces with pride the ‘first-ever appearance of Erwin Mortier’s work in the United States and Canada’, with an English translation by Paul Vincent of ‘While the Gods Were Sleeping’. In July 2014, the publisher already released this long-awaited English translation of Mortier’s award-winning magnum opus in the UK, providing a new introduction for English-language readers to this contemporary master of Flemish literature.


'Mare en de dingen' is one of the seven best books for children in Germany


Marie und die Dinge des Lebens, the German translation of Mare en de dingen (Maia and What Matters) by Tine Mortier and Kaatje Vermeire was selected by an independent jury of 29 German, Swiss and Austrian members to be one of the 7 best children’s books in January. It was published by Bohem Press and was translated by Rolf Erdorf.


Publishers tour blog: A walk on the wild side


Ten German-language publishers were in Antwerp and Amsterdam last week (19-23 January 2015), to discover the flourishing Dutch-language literature. It was the second time the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (DFL) organized a joint publishers tour for fiction. Tom Müller, editor with Blumenbar/Aufbau and one of our guests, wrote a blog about his visit.


Two Flemish authors on longlist Libris Literature Prize


Peter Terrin and Ivo Victoria are on the longlist for the Libris Literature Prize, that was announced on 26 January. The jury selected eighteen nominees from almost 200 entries. Terrin is nominated with 'Monte Carlo', Victoria with 'Dieven van vuur' (Thieves of Passion).

Spotlight on Flemish comics in Angoulême


The International Comics Festival of Angoulême, that takes place next week, spotlights the Flemish comic scene again. 'The Kinky & Cosy Experience', a combination of an installation, a comics exhibition and a magazine, promises to be a great success. ‘It’s not an exhibition, it’s an experience’, says comic book author Nix. A year and a half ago, the Flemish Literature Fund asked him to be the curator of a Flemish exhibition at the biggest comic festival of the world.


Prix Sorcières for 'The Dog Nino didn't have'


The French translation of 'Het hondje dat Nino niet had' (The Dog Nino didn't have, De Eenhoorn) by Edward van de Vendel and Anton Van Hertbruggen wins the Prix Sorcières for best picture book.

Marie Hooghe wins Prix Scam


Marie Hooghe (1947) has been awarded the Prix Scam de la Traduction Littéraire for her translations from Dutch to French.

Ten German-language publishers discover Flemish and Dutch literature


Ten German-language publishers participate next week (19-23 January 2015) in an attractive literary and cultural programme in Antwerp and Amsterdam to discover the flourishing Dutch-language literature. The Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (DFL) organize their fourth joint publishers tour and the second one for fiction. It’s one of many events in anticipation of Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016, where Flanders and the Netherlands will be joint guests of honour.

This month in the Translators' House: Marlene Müller-Haas and Ira Wilhelm


In January, Marlene Müller-Haas and Ira Wilhelm are staying in the Translators’ House. They are both literary translators into German.

Micaela van Muylem wins Premio Teatro del Mundo 2014


Micaela van Muylem has won the Premio Teatro del Mundo 2014 for her translation of Jan Lauwers’ trilogy ‘Sad Face / Happy Face’, published by the University of Cordoba in the series ‘Papeles theatrales’. The translation was supported by the Flemish Literature Fund.

'Panthère' by Brecht Evens nominated for Offical Selection in Angoulême


‘Panthère’, the French translation of comic artist Brecht Evens’ most recent work ‘Panter’ (originally published by Oogachtend), has been nominated for the Official Selection at the international Comics Festival in Angoulême. 

Kinky & Cosy in Angoulême: a new Spirou


50.000 copies of the comics magazine ‘Kinky & Cosy’ will be distributed in Angoulême during the International Comics Festival. The magazine is part of ‘The Kinky & Cosy Experience’, an interactive exhibition built around twins Kinky and Cosy. Their creator Nix was appointed curator by the FLF.


Stefan Hertmans wins AKO Literature Prize 2014


Stefan Hertmans has won the AKO Literature Prize 2014 for his novel War and Turpentine.

FLF and DLF organise their 3rd joint publishers tour on poetry


This week (10-15 November 2014) the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (DFL) organised their third joint publishers tour. Ten foreign publishers were invited to participate in an attractive literary and cultural programme in Antwerp, Ghent and Amsterdam to familiarize themselves with the rich Dutch-language poetry repertoire from the Low Countries.

News & Views Frankfurter Buchmesse Special 2014


The Flemish Literature Fund has published a fresh edition of News & Views in anticipation of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 (8-12 October).

Bookshelf Essentials


At this Frankfurt Book Fair, the FLF presents a brochure on Flemish literary classics. The selection focuses on classic fiction titles that are still more than worthy of reading and (re)publishing today.

FLF and DFL organised 2nd publishers tour to promote children's literature


In September (15-19 September) the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (DFL) organised their second joint publishers tour.Ten German publishers were invited to participate in an attractive literary and cultural programme in Antwerp and Amsterdam to familiarize themselves with children's and YA literature from Flanders and the Netherlands.

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