In september in het Vertalershuis: Daniel Cunin en Marianne Holberg


In september verblijven Daniel Cunin en Marianne Holberg in het Vertalershuis.

Else Otten Prijs 2014


'Mare en de dingen' is een van de zeven beste kinderboeken in Duitsland


Marie und die Dinge des Lebens, de Duitse vertaling van Mare en de dingen van Tine Mortier en Kaatje Vermeire werd door een onafhankelijke jury van 29 Duitse, Zwitserse en Oostenrijkse leden verkozen tot een van de zeven beste kinderboeken van deze maand. Het boek verscheen bij Bohem Press en werd door Rolf Erdorf vertaald.


Publishers Tour Proza


This month in the Translators' House: Marlene Müller-Haas and Ira Wilhelm


Marlene Müller-Haas has already translated works by such authors as Thomas Rosenboom, Charlotte Mutsaers and Adriaan van Dis. Her most recent translations were ‘Post for Mrs Bromley’ [Post voor mevrouw Bromley] by Stefan Brijs and ‘Straus Park’ by P.B. Gronda. In Antwerp, Müller-Haas will be completing her translation of Arjen Lubach’s novel ‘IV’. During her stay, she aims to read as much work as possible by young Flemish writers, or meet the authors themselves at readings and events. Maurice Gilliams’ ‘Winter in...

Micaela van Muylem wins Premio Teatro del Mundo 2014


Micaela van Muylem has won the Premio Teatro del Mundo 2014 for her translation of Jan Lauwers’ trilogy ‘Sad Face / Happy Face’, published by the University of Cordoba in the series ‘Papeles theatrales’. The translation was supported by the Flemish Literature Fund.

'Panthère' by Brecht Evens nominated for Offical Selection in Angoulême


‘Panthère’, the French translation of comic artist Brecht Evens’ most recent work ‘Panter’ (originally published by Oogachtend), has been nominated for the Official Selection at the international Comics Festival in Angoulême. 

Stefan Hertmans wins AKO Literature Prize 2014


Stefan Hertmans has won the AKO Literature Prize 2014 for his novel War and Turpentine.

News & Views Frankfurt 2014


Naar aanleiding van de Frankfurter Buchmesse (8-12 oktober) deze week brengt het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren een nieuwe editie uit van haar 'News&Views'.

Bookshelf Essentials


A total of 22 Flemish classic novels are represented, written between 1916 and 1996. Naturally, such internationally renowned authors as Hugo Claus and Willem Elsschot are included, but also less-known treasured authors such as Cyriel Buysse and Herman Teirlinck.


Additionally, the brochure features a handy overview of all the existing translations. This makes it an ideal tool for foreign publishers who may be interested in translating these classics now, or republishing if there is already an...

FLF and DLF present their 2nd publishers tour


In September (15-19 September) the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (DFL) organised their second joint publishers tour.Ten German publishers were invited to participate in an attractive literary and cultural programme in Antwerp and Amsterdam to familiarize themselves with children's and YA literature from Flanders and the Netherlands.

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